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International Kite

Festival 2020 - Ahmedabad

We, as a team of Entrepreneurs, have come together to assist and manage the issue of Parking in city today. We are here with a Solution and would solve all the parking problems of the city.


International Kite Festival 2020 - Ahmedabad

We have done 50,000+ bookings in just 8 days from 07th to 14th January 2020.
Managed all 7 parking locations for the event including Riverfront Street Parking.
Average parking per day was 7000+.
Support from AMC officials, Police, Traffic Police, ShowMyParking 30+ Park Buddies was really appreciable.


AmdaPark Statistics:

We are scattered into different segments of parking like on-street parking, off-street parking, free parking, paid parking, event parking and much more. And different areas are like Airports, Ports, Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Residencials, Commercial Buildings, Clubs, Stadiums, Government and Private Parking lots etc...

Managing 20+ parking locations including Under Bridge Parking, On-Street Parking, Multi Level & Off-Street/Open Plot Parking.
3000+ parkings and serving 5000+ people per day.
50,000+ Application Downloads.
6,00,000+ Parking bookings done so far.
2,50,000+ Registered Users.

Benefits to:

1. Increase in revenue because multiple leakages can be controlled.
2. Digitalization of all parkings will help the authority to manage parking with less effort.
3. Live data and dashboard will be very useful to monitor the execution.
4. Accurate locations can be monitored on Google Map and administrative decisions can be taken. (Ex. If there is a need to add new parking locations or not.)

1. Controlling the vehicle theft as all the parkings would be CCTV enabled.
2. Unauthorized people would not be able to take the vehicle out because at the time of exit details of vehicle and person would be matched with the details which were taken at the time of entry.
3. There is also an option to print the physical ticket for parking which will provide an extra layer of security and safety.

1. It will help traffic police to divert the traffic based on the availability of parking spaces at different locations. (Traffic Officers will have information on regular intervals to inform visitors/commuters to go to the nearest available location based on their vehicle type.)
2. It will be very useful in case there is a match, event or exhibition where a large number of crowd is expected. (Ex. Cricket Match, Kankaria Carnival, Ahmedabad Flower Show, International Kite Festival, Ahmedabad Shopping Festival, Book Fair etc…)

1. Citizens would be worry free regarding their parking because even before leaving their home, they can check nearby parking from their destination and book their parking in advance.
2. PayAsYouUse : Consumers need to pay only what they have consumed. No extra charges need to be paid by anyone.
3. Digital payment via multiple options
4. Promo code and discount
5. Customers can see their booking history.

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